The Laboratory of Fundamental and Applied Bioenergetics (LBFA) is situated at the UGA campus in St. Martin d’Hères/Gières. On about 3000 m2 laboratory and office space, including its recent state-of-the-art research building “Xavier Leverve”, LBFA offers an ideal research environment for molecular and metabolic research in the field of bioenergetics. This includes facilities for proteomics/protein biochemistry, cell culture, metabolic analysis, imaging/cytometry and animal physiology.

  • Bioenergetics

    describes the way energy is transformed within an organism from nutritional uptake to generation of ATP and cellular work. It is central to all fundamental biological processes and many human pathologies, including chronic diseases like metabolic syndrome, type II diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. Our ambition is to develop both fundamental and (pre)clinical projects to unveil bioenergetics in different organs and pathologies. Its final goal is to understand molecular mechanisms, develop preventive strategies, and propose diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

  • A first nano-sensor of cellular energy states

    We have engineered AMPfret, the first nano-sensor capable of real-time detection of energy states in single cells in vivo, reported via a fluorescent signal. It exploits the unique properties of the AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) to sense the true physiologically relevant concentrations of ATP, ADP and AMP that occur during energy stress. It could also decipher molecular mechanisms of the AMPK enzyme itself.

  • Citrulline supplementation

    is a promising therapeutic approach for sarcopenia and known to stimulate the highly energy-dependent protein synthesis in muscle. We show that citrulline stimulates protein synthesis under limiting conditions like amino acid deficiency or energy stress. This increase was not due to enhanced energy state (ATP/ADP ratio) or mitochondrial respiration, but to energetic rewiring that reallocates mitochondrial fuel to the protein synthesis machinery.

  • Urgence Covid-19

    To support the CHU of Grenoble in the fight against the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, the LBFA gave to the hospital 100 liters of ethanol, 500 masks and 8000 latex gloves.


    LBFA, through its recognized skills in energetic metabolism, is participating to the testing and follow-up of high-level young French bi-athletes. Physiological parameters including heart rate, oxygen consumption and lactate threshold have been determined in real conditions during an outdoor field test on roller-skis using mobile spirometry and indirect calorimetry device and lactate analyzer.



Job opportunities

If you are interested in doing a M2 training, LBFA has regularly avalaible positions.
LBFA can offer PhD or postdoctoral positions. You can contact us for more informations.