The proteomic/biochemistry platform is located in a new infrastructure “Xavier Leverve BEeSy” building. It allows strengthening of systemic approach by putting together gel-based proteomics/phosphoproteomics and protein biochemistry with the possibility to further combine these technics with mass spectrometry (Prométhée Platform), interactomics and transcriptomics, as well as different kinds of targeted protein analysis:

•   Protein expression (bacteria, yeast) and purification
•   Electrophoresis (1D, 2D) and blotting
•   Imaging for proteomics, phosphoproteomics and autoradiography applications
•   Protein and DNA/RNA quantification (RT-PCR), enzyme kinetics
•   Radiolabeling (radioisotope lab, certified for 32P)
•   Interactomics: yeast two-hybrid analysis, surface plasmon resonance (yeast culture lab, wet lab)


We conduct and participate in research projects, as collaborator or service supplier to external users.
In addition we elaborate new protocols, applications, and methodological/technical solutions for different projects in the lab.
We also provide support and education of users and students.
To follow last developments in the field, strong effort is done in organisation of practical trainings and other educational events with participation of specialists from research and industry.
Adopting of ISO rules is planned in mid-term.