The cell culture facility is located in a new infrastructure “Xavier Leverve BEeSy” building, offering a very modern and performant work environment.
This facility consists of three contiguous and independant cell culture rooms (biosafety level 2), connected to the exterior by an air gate with controlled access (badge). It is subjected to a centralized multiparameter quality control (GTC, for pressure, temperature, and air quality ISO8) with a man-machine interface (IHM, visualization and backlog of pressure, température, and CO2 level).


Culture of various cell lines, animal or human primary cells, and human biopsies.

The biosafety level 2 allows:
- transfection/transduction of animal or human cells by expression vectors or adenovirus/lentivirus
- studies of cells or biopsies from patient
Here are the different cell lines grown in our facility:
HaCaT (human keratinocytes)
HepG2 (human hepatocytes)
KB (human epithelial cells)
HL60 (human leukemia)
RL et SUDHL4 (human lymphoma)
HMEC-1 (human microvascular endothelial)
HEK293t (human embryonic kidney)
L6 (rat myoblastes)
INS-1 (rat pancreatic β-cells)
We also grow rodent primary cells:
Hepatocytes, Neurones and Astrocytes (rat and mouse)
Cardiomyocytes (mouse)
Pancreatic islets  (rat)
Rat primary hepatocytes
Mouse primary myotubes


Training and supervision of users, collaboration or service, acces to the material depending on the user skills (prices according to the applicable rates).
For more information, contact Frédéric Lamarche, responsible of this facility.