The imaging and flow cytometry platform develops methodologies for monitoring and quantifying mitochondrial structure and function, and parameters linked to energy metabolism of living cells:
  • mitochondrial membrane potential
  • opening of the permeability transition pore (NADH autofluorescence, unique know-how)
  • organization of the mitochondrial network
  • variations in ATP concentration
  • oxidative stress
  • calcium, protein/protein interactions (Duolink Method)
  • visualization of various cellular interactions (cytoskeleton, endoplasmic reticulum)
  • cell viability


The facility is part of the Grenoble network "Imagerie en Sciences du Vivant" and consists of:
  • Confocal  and fluorescence microscopy
  • Cytometry analysis
  • Analysis of microscopic images


Quality approach according to ISO 9001 standard
Training and supervision of users, collaboration or service, acces to the material depending on the user skills (prices according to the applicable rates).