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on the 9 February 2021
Dose-dependent beneficial effects of citrulline supplementation inshort bowel syndrome in rats



Supplementing diet with citrulline has proved an efficient means of preserving nitrogen balance andimproving nutritional status after massive intestinalresection. The aim of this study was to model the action ofcitrulline in gut-resected rats using a dose-ranging study focused on skeletal muscle nitrogen homeostasis.Methods:Forty-six rats were randomly assigned to one of the following groups: citrulline 0.5 g¢kg¢d1(n = 9),citrulline 1 g¢kg¢d1(n = 7), citrulline 2.5 g¢kg¢d1(n = 8), citrulline 5 g¢kg¢d1(n = 8), control (n = 6), andsham (n = 8). The sham group underwent transection and the other groups underwent resection of 80% ofthe small intestine. All rats were then fed enteral nutrition (EN; all diets were isocaloric and isonitrogenous).After 10 d, the rats were sacrificed to measure and analyze animal weight; duodenum, jejunum, and ileumweight; and muscle trophicity. Protein fractional synthesis rate (FSR) and mammalian target of rapamycincomplex (mTORC)1 activation were measured in the tibialis muscle


There was a significant dose-dependent association between rat weight and citrulline dose up to 2.5g¢kg¢d1(P= 0.004). There was a significant improvement in tibialis weight correlated to plasma citrulline.Net protein FSR in the tibialis tended to be greater after resection and tended to return to baseline after cit-rulline supplementation. Citrulline supplementation significantly decreased the activated phosphorylatedforms of S6 K1 (P= 0.003) and S6 RP (P= 0.003), with a significant positive association between myofibrillarFSR and activation of S6 K1 (r= 0.614;P= 0.02) and S6 RP (r= 0.601;P= 0.023). Jejunum weight was signifi-cantly positively correlated with plasma citrulline (r= 0.319;P= 0.0345).Conclusion:Citrulline promotes body weight gain, preserves muscle trophicity, and enhances intestinal adap-tation in a dose-dependent manner in a model of resected rats.
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