LBFA on roller-skis!

on the 21 July 2020
LBFA, through its recognized skills in energetic metabolism, is participating to the testing and follow-up of high-level young French bi-athletes. Physiological parameters including heart rate, oxygen consumption and lactate threshold have been determined in real conditions during an outdoor field test on roller-skis using mobile spirometry and indirect calorimetry device and lactate analyzer.
Training in biathlon needs accurate and appropriate physiological and metabolic data. The "Centre Universitaire de Formation et d'Entraînement" (CUFE) of the University of Grenoble Alpes (UGA) has initiated with the support of the "Comité des Sports de Neige du Dauphiné" universitaire de ski, the follow-up of bi-athletes of the Team Isère Vercors represented by François "Paco" Soulié.

Hervé Dubouchaud (LBFA: Laboratory of Fundamental and Applied Bioenergetics), specialist of energetic and lactate metabolisms, Patrice Flore (HP2: Hypoxia and PathoPhysiologies), specialist of field testing and rehabilitation and Hervé Jouniaux, technical specialist in ski training, who are faculty members of the UFR Sciences et Techniques des Activités Physiques et Sportives (UFR STAPS) in Grenoble designed an outdoor field test using roller-skis to assess the training level of athletes in real conditions.

All of them along with 9 junior high level bi-athletes met in the surroundings of Lans en Vercors in June 2020. Skiers were asked to do a progressive intensity exercise test on roller-skis with pace imposed by a cyclist racing at increasing controlled speeds before them. Physiological and metabolic parameters, rate of perceived exertion and blood lactate concentrations have been measured and recorded using mobile indirect calorimetry and spirometry devices and blood lactate analyzer. Among many data recorded, Heart Rate, Oxygen consumption, Respiratory Exchange Ratio and Lactate Thresholds were determined and will be used by trainers of the Team Isère Vercors to adjust the training program of these athletes and to objectivate their progress by repeating these tests in the next months. This session was made possible by joined efforts of the CUFE, the UGA and its laboratories and represents a successful collaboration between fundamental science, applied research and competition in outdoor sports.
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